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My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. offers an array of grant and for-fee professional products, trainings, and strategies to academics, non-profits, public health and corporate institutions seeking to deliver education, public health, and social services.


Every aspect of our work conforms to the highest level of quality, proficiency, and professionalism. Services include but are not limited to:

R&D/Statistical Analysis

My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. provides customized research and development services to research institutions, postgraduate research students, and other interested research organizations. MBK specializes in epidemiological, ethnographic, case and qualitative studies. We also specialize in social network analysis and mixed methods approaches. Our services also include:

  • Strategic plans
  • Gap analysis report
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Statistical analysis
  • Needs assessments
  • Focus Groups
  • Key informant interviews
  • Telephone surveys
  • On-site surveys
  • Online surveys

Evaluation and QA Services

MBK offers robust and targeted evaluation services to identify deficiencies and gaps and obtain programmatic results in a matter of weeks.  MBK’s experience with implementation and process and outcome evaluation and monitoring allows clients to develop a program iteratively and make corrections. Evaluation services include:

  • Process outcome and Implementation evaluation
  • Logic models
  • Program content reviews
  • Process Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance and Control methods
  • Evaluation Plans
  • Informatics


My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. provides support and training services in fiscal, program, and organizational management through skills building trainings, workshops, and conference activities. All training services (except conference activities) include a tailored curriculum and 3 months of technical assistance services related to the training outcomes.

Environmental Scans and Audits

My Brother’s Keeper, Inc. conducts SWOT analyses methods to fulfill organizational information needs and to ensure sustainability. Furthermore, MBK applies tools of knowledge/information audits to determine the existing environment by assessing the needs of the organization, determining the information currently available and identifying gaps/needs.

Curriculum Development/Training Description

MBK uses a streamlined process for creating or modifying curriculums/textbooks using context and background from various subjects. Products include, but are not limited to: PowerPoint presentations, activities, and assessments. In addition, curriculums/textbooks can be developed and aligned to any standard, including general education outcomes and manufacturing standards. Curriculums/textbooks are developed based on the following:

• Subject Matter
• Course Sequence
• Course Goal, Objectives, and Outcomes

Fiscal Management

Strong financial management practices are rarely part of an organization’s mission statement and yet they are integral to its ability to achieve that mission in a sustainable way. Thus, MBK offers fiscal management services to community- and faith-based organizations, health departments, and colleges and universities who may face opposition due to slow payment systems, lack of financial stability, or lack of organizational infrastructure. MBK’s fiscal services include budget development and reporting, utility billing, accounts payable to contractors (grantees) and subcontractors, payroll, development of internal control systems and financial policies and procedures.

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