T.R.U.S.T. Project (Through Responsive Uplifting & Supportive Talk Project)

The TRUST Project targets HIV positive African American Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), ages 18-29 in the Jackson, MS metropolitan area. The TRUST Project aims to encourage and build healthy relationships among HIV positive individuals and their families, friends and partners through the Healthy Relationships intervention.

Healthy Relationships is a small-group, skills-based behavioral intervention for men and women living with HIV. The five-session intervention is based on the Social Cognitive Theory and focuses on:

  • Skills building
  • Self-efficacy
  • Positive expectations about new behaviors.

The intervention encourages interactive learning through the use of group discussions, role plays, videos and skills-building exercises to help persons living with HIV develop skills to cope with HIV-related stressors and risky sexual situations. Intervention sessions also enhance decision-making skills for self-disclosing HIV-serostatus to sex partners, and help participants develop and maintain safer sex practices.

Participants receive personalized feedback about their own risk practices and engage in discussion to help develop strategies to maintain satisfying relationships while protecting both themselves and their partners.

Project Staff:

Project Coordinator:
Cedric Sturdevant, BA


601-898-0000 Ext. 102

Joseph Lindsey, MS


601-898-0000 Ext. 105

TRUST is funded by the CDC under announcement PS11-1113.