Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister is a brief (20-minute), one-on-one, skill-based HIV/sexually transmitted disease (STD) risk-reduction behavioral intervention for sexually active African-American women 14 to 45 years old that is delivered during the course of a routine medial visit.

The purpose of Sister to Sister is to: provide intensive, culturally sensitive health information to empower and educate women in a clinical setting; help women understand the various behaviors that put them at risk for HIV and other STDs; and enhance women’s knowledge, beliefs, motivation, confidence, and skills to help them make behavioral changes that will reduce their risk for STDs, especially HIV.

The target population for Sister to Sister is sexually active African American women 14-45 years old who have male partners and are attending primary health care clinics (e.g., family planning, women’s health reproductive care, etc.).

This project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) under funding announcement PS10-1003.


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