HIV Cure

The overall objective of this study is to quantify empirically the multi-level perceptions of HIV cure clinical research among HIV-infected African-American MSM and affected communities (HIV-negative African-American MSM and community residents) and to identify the salient correlates of knowledge and awareness of HIV cure research, and barriers and facilitators to participation in HIV cure clinical studies. Since perceptions and behaviors may differ by geographic location and population demographics, comprehensively understanding HIV cure perceptions within these contexts is an important component in expanding the knowledge base in HIV cure clinical research and translating evidence-based discoveries into practice. The expected outcomes of this project are new knowledge that will contribute to the field by empirically demonstrating a nuanced understanding of the (1) HIV cure perceptions that will yield new strategies to engage African-American MSM in HIV cure research and (2) multi-level factors associated with HIV cure perceptions, including willingness, barriers, and facilitators to participate in HIV cure clinical research studies. During a 12-month period, we will enroll 225 African-American MSM and 20 co-located community residents from the Atlanta, GA, Jackson, MS, and New Orleans, LA, metropolitan statistical areas.

Project Staff:

Project Coordinator:
Obie McNair, MPH
Project Evaluator:
Daniel Chavez-Yenter, MPH
(601) 957-7710 Ext. 103