MARI 2.0

This study explores the neighborhood activity space and HIV risk among Black men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Deep South. Participants are assigned to a novel two-week global positioning system (GPS) protocol and schedule an initial baseline enrollment clinic visit. During this visit, participants will complete various questionnaires and a pre-GPS feasibility survey using audio computer-assisted-self interview (ACASI) technology. Participants will be scheduled a mid-point clinic visit (7 days after the baseline clinic visit) wherein study staff will download the location data and participants will complete a brief study and a mid-point GPS feasibility survey. During the completion clinic visit (scheduled two weeks after the baseline enrollment clinic visit), participants will return the GPS device and final surveys and a post-GPS feasibility survey using ACASI technology.

Project Staff:

Project Coordinator:
Obie McNair, MPH
Project Evaluator:
Daniel Chavez-Yenter, MPH
(601) 957-7710 Ext. 103