Service Scholar Internship Program Activities

The Professional Workforce Experience is composed of a two-week orientation followed by an intensive 8-week workforce training experience.

Two-week Orientation
The two-week orientation is an academic experience designed to expose students to public health and its core public health competencies. During the two-weeks orientation, interns will matriculate through a rigorous, didactic curriculum designed to introduce the basic principles/concepts of each public health discipline including: (1) Public Health Overview and Basic Principles, (2) Population Health Tools, (3) Morbidity and Mortality, and (4) Health-Care and Public Health Systems (See Community Outreach Core Framework Logic Model). The two-week orientation will be facilitated by MBK, public health organizations such as the Mississippi State Department of Health’s Office of Preventive Health and STD/HIV Office, and community-based organizations and public health professionals such Delta Health Alliance, Delta Fresh Foods Initiative and Delta Connections. The orientation will culminate with an overview of MBK’s worksites and formal introductions to Center Mentors.

Professional Workforce Experience
The main component of the program is an intensive 8-week workforce training experience.  During this time, Interns will work a typical 40-hour work week and work directly with their mentors to accomplish specific public health projects or activities, as proposed by the Mentor. Projects and activities will range from community outreach activities to public health programming that align with the mission of the respective MBK Center. The project and activities will include but are not limited to: coordinating community health fairs, conducting health screenings, assisting with surveillance and monitoring, and disseminating public health information (i.e. developing social marketing campaigns, street and community outreach, community presentations, and trainings). All interns will be trained in HIV/STD counseling, testing, and referral services and select interns will participate in a hands-on training to receive their phlebotomy certification.  In addition, all interns will develop research proposals that intersect their community-based activities and biomedical research goals and present their research findings at the MS-INBRE annual symposium.  Interns will be assigned to one of MBK’s three centers located in Jackson, Ridgeland, Biloxi, or Hattiesburg, including:

(1).  Center for Community-Based Programs (CCBP) (Ridgeland, Hattiesburg, or Biloxi) mission is to strengthen, connect and mobilize individuals and organizations in an effort to reduce the burden of disease and health disparities among underserved populations.  CCBP services are implemented through capacity building assistance, prevention, and education programs that promote and facilitate healthy lifestyles and behavior change.  To date, the CCBP is involved in several projects that are designed to positively affect the health and well-being of the community.

(2).  Center for Research, Evaluation and Environmental & Policy Change (CREEP)  (Jackson) mission is to achieve health equity among underserved populations through research, evaluation and environmental and policy systems change initiatives.  CREEP through new scientific knowledge seeks to expand the existing evidence base for disparities in health, provide information on program effectiveness and evaluate data-driven systems change and intervention strategies.  CREEP is responsible for evaluating and maintaining the quality of MBK’s projects and programs, conducting research initiatives, overseeing MBK’s community Institutional Review Board, develop evaluation tools for all contracted agencies.

(3).  Open Arms Healthcare Center  (Jackson) is a primary healthcare facility designed to provide innovative, holistic healthcare services – Preventive, Clinical, and Mental Health – to underserved, underinsured, and underrepresented populations in Mississippi.


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