Service Scholars Internship Program

MBK facilitates the Mississippi IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (Mississippi INBRE) Community Outreach Core. The Community Outreach Core is designed to compliment the biomedical research experience of undergraduate students with community-based, grassroots public health practices that strengthen their undergraduate experience and serve as a pipeline into biomedical research careers in Mississippi. The components of the community outreach experience will consist of the following: (1) a two week intensive orientation to public health and (2) a professional workforce experience.

The Service Scholars Internship Program consists of a intensive summer training program designed to attract, train, and mentor undergraduate students to pursue biomedical research careers. This innovative undergraduate student development and training experience serves as a ‘pipeline’ model to expose students to public health practices in order to expand their knowledge and interest in biomedical careers through practical trainings in a community-based setting.

The program objectives for the  Service Scholars Internship Program are as follows:

  • Increase  undergraduate students knowledge and awareness of the connection between biomedical research and public health practices;
  • Strengthen undergraduate student communication of public health information through the performance of a workforce project/activity and formal presentations;
  • Increase the number of undergraduate students pursuing biomedical careers; and,
  • Increase undergraduate students’ awareness of the vast array of public health settings in which biomedical research is practiced.
Service Scholars Internship Program Activities

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The Service Scholars Internship Program is a collaboration between the Mississippi INBRE and MBK
“The Mississippi INBRE is funded by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences under grant number P20GM103476″.